Conference "Police Activity in the Field of Domestic Violence. Changes and Current Situation"
03/18/2024 - 10:24

On February 21, 2024, a conference was organized in the premises of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary the Comforter in Vilnius as part of the project "Police Activity in the Field of Domestic Violence. Changes and Current Situation." The aim was not only to review the project results but also to discuss the changes related to the enactment of the new edition of the Law on Protection from Domestic Violence (hereinafter referred to as the Law), for police institutions, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and other interested parties (presentation-discussion format), thus ensuring broader dissemination to the end-user by involving social partners as an integral part of the fight against violence process. The conference was welcomed by the Deputy Commissioner General of the Lithuanian Police, Marius Draudvila. Presentations were delivered by officials of the Public Order Office of the Police Department who actively contributed to the changes related to the enforcement of the new edition of the Law, facilitating the work of police officers. Other speakers talked about the benefits of the changes not only for police officers but also for courts and specialized comprehensive assistance centers. Additionally, the Norwegian approach to cases of domestic violence and the strategy of the RISK division in implementing prevention of domestic violence were presented. The audience of the conference included leaders from the majority of territorial police commissariats and representatives of non-governmental organizations, hence broad dissemination of the presentations heard at the conference is expected.

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