Police officers discussed gender equality issues
12/20/2023 - 10:45

On December 18-19, 2023, a seminar for police leaders responsible for response units and strategic-level police officers involved in shaping the police strategy was held at the "Vytautas SPA Mineral" hotel in Birštonas. The participants, led by psychologist Inga Bogdzevičienė, were introduced to gender equality topics, analyzed the perception of diversity between men and women, and the acceptance of people as they are, without preconceived notions about their gender. This is crucial for police officers in carrying out their daily duties and responding to domestic violence incidents. During the seminar, the participants analyzed the influence of gender on various phenomena, symptoms of burnout syndrome, the relationship between anger and aggression, sexuality and self-esteem in conflict situations, as well as the perception of diversity and acceptance of people as they are, which is highly important for police officers in performing their daily functions and responding to domestic violence incidents. They also worked in groups to discuss the results and issues related to the implementation of innovations in practice during the project. The seminar addressed emerging problems in different territories, examined legal practices in different areas, and shared best practices in responding to domestic violence incidents.