“Current Developments in Cybercrime Investigation” Training Organised
05/09/2022 - 12:01

On 15-16 March 2022 and 5-6 April, the training course “Current Developments in Cybercrime Investigation” was delivered as part of activity 3.4.1 of the project “Strengthening of Inter-agency Cooperation and Increasing of Crime Investigation Quality in the Lithuanian Police” financed from the funds of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism for 2014-2021.

The training was provided for 30 officers of crime investigation units and for officers investigating crimes against property.

The training included topics on the adoption of other procedural coercive measures in the investigation of cyber offences, investigating virtual currencies, their withdrawal and confiscation, as well as qualification of criminal offences falling under Chapter XXX of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Lithuania, i.e. issues related to the specifics of determining location of investigation of cyber offences, among other matters.

Previous years showed a limited number of face-to-face training events due to the „Covid-19“ pandemic; therefore, a great need for professional development courses in cybercrime investigation-related matters arose.

Even a third of the training course time was devoted to practical workshops and practical consolidation of the knowledge acquired. To adopt the training material successfully, the participants accomplished practical tasks within the range of training topics. All this is expected to contribute significantly to the successful application of the expertise in daily police officer routine while conducting criminal investigations.

In 2022, other fourteen face-to-face training events on seven subjects covering criminal police activities will be held within the framework of the Project. The training content will encompass economic crime investigation peculiarities, criminal intelligence and interview tactics-related issues, development trends of analysis tools and methods, and other subjects. It is expected that 211 officers will have developed their competencies in the training courses planned.